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Uptime below one day
Uptime is less than 1 day, performance tuning may not be accurate.
To have more accurate averages it is recommended to let the server run for longer than a day before running this analyzer
The uptime is only %s
Questions below 1,000 نەشىر
Fewer than 1,000 questions have been run against this server. The recommendations may not be accurate.
Let the server run for a longer time until it has executed a greater amount of queries.
Current amount of Questions: %s نەشىرنى قۇىماق
Percentage of slow queries كىرگۈزگەن ھۆججەت شەكلى
There is a lot of slow queries compared to the overall amount of Queries.
You might want to increase {long_query_time} or optimize the queries listed in the slow query log
The slow query rate should be below 5%%, your value is %s%%.
Slow query rate SQL سورىقى
There is a high percentage of slow queries compared to the server uptime.
You have a slow query rate of %s per hour, you should have less than 1%% per hour.
Long query time SQL سورىقى
{long_query_time} is set to 10 seconds or more, thus only slow queries that take above 10 seconds are logged.
It is suggested to set {long_query_time} to a lower value, depending on your environment. Usually a value of 1-5 seconds is suggested.
long_query_time is currently set to %ds.
Slow query logging SQL سورىقى