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[Rock64]( is an affordable single board computer with good performance.
[RockPro64]( is powerful single board computer with many options for storage.
FreedomBox Community Governance
Try FreedomBox in the public cloud
Try <em>FreedomBox</em> in the public cloud
Try a FreedomBox demo
Try a <em>FreedomBox</em> demo
Be a FreedomBox Pioneer
Be a <em>FreedomBox</em> Pioneer
In partnership with the FreedomBox Foundation, Olimex is selling FreedomBox home servers. The FreedomBox home servers come with our software pre-installed, a backup battery in case of power outage, and everything else you need to get started.
The Pioneer edition FreedomBox Home Server is the first commercially available version of FreedomBox. Be a pioneer and order today.
FreedomBox is a Debian Pure Blend, which means that it distributes its software through Debian repositories. By building FreedomBox directly within the Debian GNU/Linux ecosystem, we benefit from the contributions of the <a href="">1,000+ active Debian contributors</a>, in addition to Debian's high standards for quality assurance and security. FreedomBox's major contribution to the Debian ecosystem is providing a user interface that simplifies and automates otherwise complicated administrative tasks associated with running a server, like installing applications and applying updates.
If you want to join the community of FreedomBox contributors or <a href="">support the non-profit Foundation behind them</a> – get in touch with us on our <a href="">forum</a>, <a href="">mailing list</a>, <a href="">IRC channel</a>, or <a href="">GitLab instance</a>.
FreedomBox Code of Conduct
Try FreedomBox on a Debian cloud server
Try <em>FreedomBox</em> on a Debian cloud server
Try FreedomBox on AWS EC2
Try <em>FreedomBox</em> on AWS EC2