Key English Hungarian
notification_type_vibra Vibrations Rezgés
position_indicator Position Indicator Helyzet jelző
intro_slide5_subtitle To let this app run in the background, please disable "Battery Optimization" for AsteroidOS Sync in the following menu: Annak érdekében, hogy ez az alkalmazás fusson a háttérben, tiltsa le az "Akkumulátor Optimalizálás" funkciót AsteroidOS Sync-nek az alábbi menüben:
intro_slideandroidgo_title Android Go
intro_slideandroidgo_subtitle Android Go is unsupported because it does not allow notification access and restricts background processes. A workaround for root users is to set the "ro.config.low_ram" flag in the build.prop file to "false".
switch_phone_notifications Silence the phone when connected Telefon némítása amikor kapcsolódva van
notification_silent_icon Notification Silent Icon értesítés csendes ikon
intro_phonestateslide_subtitle To show incoming calls on the watch, and for displaying the name of the caller.
intro_phonestateslide_title Phone & Contacts
show_calls_on_watch Display incoming calls
dialer Dialer